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Get yourself in hot water in Hungary!

Although the country of Hungary has no coast of its own that doesn’t mean that it’s not excellent for holiday activities in and on the water! Hungary is dissected by the Danube, the second longest river in Europe, with 417km of it crossing the country. Leading off of the Danube is the Tisza river which is the waterway on which you’ll find our Nicols bases offering a choice of self-drive (no previous experience is needed!) boating holidays in Hungary.

Whether you choose an itinerary from our base at Tokaj in the north or Kisköre in the south, you will be in awe of your stunning surroundings and be able to enjoy a wide range of activities both in and on the water. We must also mention the region’s thermal baths – renowned for their therapeutic and relaxing benefits and something that Hungary is famous for.


Boating holidays from Tokaj

Starting out at Tokaj, your boating holiday takes you to some excellent thermal bath attractions that are great for those who love swimming and being in the water.

A great example is the Végardó thermal baths which was renovated in 2009 and is located in Sárospatak. This place was designed purely with relaxation in mind and offers treatments and leisure facilities for tourists who are visiting the city as well as the residents of Sárospatak themselves. You’ll find Végardó thermal baths while navigating the Bodrog river. Built on the river bank, it opened with the first wooden swimming pool and now today visitors have six different swimming pools varying in size and theme (there is thermal pools, pools with slides and training pools) as well as a pool specifically for children. Guests can also relax in a sauna or be given massages. More information can be found here.


Canal boat holidays from Kisköre

Exploring the lakes and beaches of the river Tisza

Lake Tisza (which is named after the region it’s located within) is the largest artificial lake in Hungary. It was back in 1973 that a dam was built, causing regulated flooding and the creation of the lake you find today. With an average depth of only 1.3m the lake has a unique flora and fauna which is a big draw for tourists who love everything to do with nature. For those who also enjoy swimming and having fun by the water there is pretty sandy beaches dotted all around the lake and along the river Tisza.

Wherever you look in this region you’ll find an abundance of watersports and leisure activities. Choose from sailing, fishing, swimming, water skiing, windsurfing and jet-skiing to name just a few. There is something to appeal to all ages and all energy levels! Most of the towns and villages located around the lake have good swimming facilities – some of the best are Kiskore, Abádszalók, Sarud, Poroszlo, and Tiszafured. Watch this video to see the many activities on offer at the beach of Abádszalók - you won’t believe what they can fit into five minutes!

The leisure facilities on Sarud beach (Lake Tisza)


Your boating holiday from Kisköre will also allow you the opportunity to experience the joys of the region’s thermal baths. Let yourself be tempted by these quality venues, which offer well-being treatments and an extra bit of pampering during your holiday onboard a canal barge!


The Thermal Baths of Tiszaújváros

These thermal baths, located less than 2km from the river Tisza, has seven outdoor bathing pools (each with a different theme from wave pools to slides), a children’s pool and a thermal pool. There is also a second indoor thermal pool and spa. We really can’t think of a better place to relax while taking in the fresh air of the beautiful Hungarian countryside.

Useful information: The ticket prices in 2020 vary according to the time of arrival: the basic price is 3,000 HUF or € 8.90, after 1:30pm the ticket is € 7.10 and after 4:30pm it drops to € 5.95. There are also family tickets at € 27.30 for 4 people. Find out more about the Tiszaújváros thermal baths here.


The Thermal Baths of Tiszafüred - Lake Tisza

Tiszafüred is very much the tourism focus of the Lake Tisza region and all of the shores around this beautiful area offer beaches that are perfect for swimming. In addition to the lake, the thermal water is also a great asset of this city.

An excellent stop-off during your boating holiday would be to try out the thermal baths that are located in a hotel that sits on the edge of Lake Tisza. The spa here offers an experience of intense and unique relaxation thanks to its tranquil location and close proximity to nature. There are six different themed swimming pools and you are welcome to visit alone, with friends or with the family. As well as the pools guests are able to take advantage of a sauna, hammam and jacuzzi. Find out more about the Tiszafüred thermal baths here


Has our article already got you reaching for your swimming costume?! If so, then start discovering the many different boating holiday itineraries Nicols has to offer in Hungary.

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