Boating holidays in Netherlands

Famous for windmills, tulips and of course canals, Holland is the perfect destination for enjoying a boating holiday! It was therefore an easy decision for us to add Holland to our ever growing list of countries that you can rent a self-drive Nicols canal boat. No previous boating experience or licence is needed to hire one of our spacious and stylish cruisers from the Nicols base at Kerkdriel.

The Dutch waterways are made up of a network of canals and rivers stretching about 5046km in total. This places the country third in Europe behind France (8500km) and Germany (7300km), however when you compare the sizes of the three countries Holland’s network is huge in proportion and explains why it’s nickname is ‘the country of canals’! 


Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam, Gouda cheese, cycling paths galore and the Van Gogh museum...these are all famous tourist attractions of Holland and more importantly all are accessible as part of one of our self-drive cruising itineraries.

The Nicols base at Kerkdriel is in the heart of the Netherlands and offers the perfect location for a wide variety of routes including loop, one-way and return to base cruises.

To begin planning your boating holiday in Holland, take a look at our suggested cruise itineraries and what you can see and do while on route.


"Some of our finest memories of our Holland holiday were simply finding a quiet mooring spot close to windmills and enjoying a tasty meal on the deck of our canal boat – watching the sunset. We highly recommend a boating holiday here if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with friends."

Paul – 41 years old – travelling with friends

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To help you choose the perfect boating holiday Nicols has identified regions, routes and boats that are best suited to particular types of crews or areas of interest that people are looking for from their holiday. We hope our ideas inspire you. Look out for our icon illustrations flagging these themes across the website.