Terms and conditions of hireApplicable from the 1st of September 2020

1 - Rental - Reservation

The contract has a validity of ten days from the date of issue.

In application of the article L 221-28 of the Code of the Consumer, the hirer having reserved by telephone or via internet with NICOLS does not benefit from the law of retraction noted in the article L 221-18 of the same code.

2 - Your responsibilities

3 - Security deposit

The deposit amount varies depending on the boat hired. It is taken when collecting the boat the start base (cash, cheque or credit card) and covers:

The hirer accepts that the renter can collect, via the provided bank account using the bank conducted preauthorization or cashing of the cheque in respect of the deposit, the abovementioned amounts.

4 - Insurance

5 - Equipment

6 - Consumables

7 - Bike

8 - Cancellation

By the hirer:

By the rental operator :

9 - Modification

10 - One-way

11 - Interruptions or restrictions to navigation

12 - Breakdowns

Each base offers a free breakdown service which will attend to you as quickly as possible, by phoning the base during normal working hours available by phone. This service becomes payable in case of personal fault of the hirer.

Breakdowns not attributable to the hirer :

Breakdowns attributable to the hirer :

The rental operator reserves the right to withold sums paid as a deposit to cover the costs of repair to the boat

13 - Damage - Accidents

14 - Boat’s desertion

15 - Returning the boat

16 - Disputes

17 – Protection of personal data

In accordance with the European regulation 2016/679 (RGPD), the privacy policy of NICOLS® is accessible on the website at and can also be provided on request.

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