Canal boat holidays in Brandebourg

Discover the Brandenburg region of Germany by hiring a canal boat – no previous boating experience is needed!
With more than 170 lakes, canals and rivers the region is rich with life on and around the waterways. What better way to explore them than captaining your own stylish Nicols canal boat...

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Canal boat hire in Brandebourg

Located west of Berlin, the Brandenburg region of Germany is famous for its waterways. The network of rivers and canals is also directly connected to the Mecklenburg Lakes.

Our Nicols base is located in Fürstenberg on the River Havel. This is an ideal starting point at the crossroads of two regions: north-west is Mecklenburg with its 1000 lakes while in the south-east is Brandenburg towards Berlin. Choose from a number of different cruising itineraries ranging from a couple of days in length up to two week holidays.

Please note: only part of the waterways here is navigable if you don’t have a boating licence. If you want to cruise to Oranienburg, and then as far as Berlin, you are required to have the necessary river permits.


Start your canal boating holiday from the Nicols base at Fürstenberg and get ready to be charmed by the following highlights of this region of Germany.

  • A natural paradise: observe the varying landscapes and vegetation that’s between the lakes, rivers and canals. The region is hugely diverse when it comes to flora and fauna and bird lovers will want to head to Lake Müritz as it is the ideal place to be on the look-out for eagles, cormorants, cranes and osprey.
  • Excellent swimming opportunities: if you like swimming then you’ll love the clear waters that fill this fascinating region of lakes. The water is of exceptional quality and among the purest in Europe – at certain times of the year it is possible to have clear vision at up to 12 metres deep. It’s not just swimmers who thrive on the water quality – fishermen also love these waters!
  • A rich historical heritage: your canal boat will transport you to some fantastic historical treasures. Heading in a north-west direction (towards Mecklenburg) you’ll visit: Rheinsberg with its Rococo architecture style palace; Mirow with its curious lakeside houses topped with thatched roofs; the half-timbered houses of Röbel; Waren and the "Müritzeum", a visitor centre for the Müritz National Park. Alternatively heading south-east (towards Brandenburg) you’ll have the opportunity to explore: Himmelpfort, known as the ‘capital of fishing’ (try the local specialty of smoked fish) ... and also known as the hometown of Santa Claus! Lastly stop-off at Templin, a charming little town surrounded by walls.

For customers with a boat license, Berlin and Potsdam are also popular destinations. Please contact us for boating holiday itinerary suggestions that take in these places also.