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Why not rent a canal boat with friends?

What could be more different and surprising than a boat trip for a weekend, half, or whole week with all your friends? The agenda includes chatting, having fun, and discovering a new environment at every moment!


Leave the city noise behind for a while on the water – with your friends!

Living in the haze of Paris (or elsewhere...) and craving some fresh air? What could be more pleasant and attractive than exploring the rivers and canals of France or abroad? In just a few days, this nature break will quickly change your perspective. A boating holiday is the perfect opportunity to discover new places, like perhaps the small river island that's normally hard to reach, or to make a bit of noise, with a small party and a night under the stars.

The gray everyday life stays at home, this time is about friendship, laughter, and reminiscing about the good old days - to experience new good times here and now.


An outing that needs good preparation!

Ensure a safe canal boat trip!

If you're planning, as we recommend, sporting activities (jogging on the towpath, kayaking, fishing, or other water sports), always prioritize safety. Plan the activities and necessary equipment in advance.

Protect yourself from the sun! During your water tour, the breeze can sometimes make you forget the sun's warmth. Then, as evening falls and the boat is still, you suddenly feel your sunburn. So, it's better to be proactive: equip yourself with hats, caps, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself!

If you plan to consume alcohol on board for celebrations, do so in moderation! It's important that at least one person remains sober. Not only because of the renter's responsibility to the boat, but mainly for the safety of the entire crew. We recommend taking turns so that everyone has their own relaxation time.

And beware: alcohol and boating don't mix! Like on the road, you can be checked by river authorities. So be reasonable and responsible: you wouldn't want any unpleasant surprises during your trip, leading to an awkward return to the base, explaining that something went wrong during your boating weekend…


And who cleans up in the end?

Every party unfortunately includes the morning after. That moment when the dirty glasses and everything else must be collected, and the floor is a bit sticky. It's out of the question for one person to do all the cleaning alone. The dishes, glasses, and accessories provided on board our boats are sufficient to avoid the use of disposable cutlery, which, even though practical on board, represents a source of pollution, especially if it flies away and ends up in the water…


What will we do together?

Anyone who thinks that time on the water can be boring will be disappointed here. This is mainly due to all the discoveries that can be made during the trip. In addition to the possibility of sightseeing at landmarks or other culturally interesting places like castles, museums, and exhibitions, don't forget the villages you will pass through. Each one will surely offer at least a small festival, a night market, or an adventurous walk by the water. Not to mention the countless beaches that line the banks of canals and rivers, offering both refreshing and sporty stops. Or would you prefer to jump directly from the boat into the cool water? Then we especially recommend the clear waters of the Charente and the Lot. Or perhaps the Camargue, if you prefer to spend an afternoon on the Mediterranean beach…

Still looking for inspiration on which variant might suit you best? Here you can find our tips for a beach holiday:

In the mood for even more sports activities? Let yourself be inspired by the variety of joys beside the water: why not a climbing park at the Canal du Midi or summer sledding in Alsace, for example? Every region can hold a surprise for you to share with your friends. The important thing is to plan your stops and activities in advance, so that you land in the right place at the right time. To help you organize your route, order the river guide when booking; it's precise and shows you kilometer by kilometer the details of the waterway route, the possible mooring points - either in nature or in the cities and villages crossed - and above all, it lists the tourist sites near the waterway, with their coordinates. So you can find everything important for you and book the activities in advance by phone.


And what else?

During your journey, you can also change boats! And no, of course not the canal boat: Some of our bases offer canoes and paddle boats for rent (in Portugal, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Ireland)! Definitely a new discovery for some or a childhood memory for others, but above all a great source of fun, surprising, and amazing moments... for the whole coming year.


Aperitif, dinner, or barbecue, it's your choice!

Your boat has a fully equipped kitchen: a large refrigerator, stove, oven, dishes, and even a dishwasher on some boats! You decide whether to have a picnic by the water, a barbecue evening, or an aperitif on the front deck of the boat.

If you prefer, you can also have a pizza delivered on board or simply go to a restaurant; the options are numerous along the waterway, and here too, the river guide is valuable to find out which restaurant is closest to your current mooring spot. During holiday periods, such as the May holiday weeks or in midsummer, we strongly recommend making reservations; otherwise, hunger can be great and faces long if the restaurant of your choice has no seats available.


Leave room for surprises!

It's not a good idea to prepare nothing for a trip, but too many plans can also spoil a vacation. Take the time to accept things and events as the river brings them. Marvel at unknown castles, old buildings, and above all, the impressive nature along your route; create memories with your loved ones that you weren't prepared for beforehand.

And put your smartphone away! This is about something else: time with friends, good conversations, and hopefully lots of laughter.

So, welcome aboard and cast off, for an adventure with the whole gang that will surely be remembered for a long time!

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