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The French Health pass scheme: Pass Sanitaire – All you need to know

The French government requires all tourists to present a Pass Sanitaire (Health Pass)to prove COVID-19 safety when visiting a wide range of venues and using long distance travel services throughout France.

With this guide we’ll help explain what steps you need to take to comply with the rules so you can visit wherever you like and ensure maximum enjoyment during your holiday.

Please note: As government guidelines and rules are subject to change, we will endeavour to keep this information updated but you may wish to check the French Consulate’s website for the latest Health Pass information close to travel.

1. Do I need my Pass Sanitaire (Health Pass) to board a Nicols boat?

The short answer is no. As your boat is the home of just you and your crew for your boating holiday, no pass is needed to sail.

However, to enjoy your boating holiday to the full, we recommend you have a pass so you can explore and experience the many entertainment and gastronomic delights that are within easy reach of your holiday home on the water. See point 5 below for a list of venues requiring presentation of a pass.


2. Who needs a pass?

Currently each individual aged 18 or over. From 30 September the requirement will be extended to cover all individuals aged 12 and over.


3. What can I use as my pass in France?

You may present any of these three types of proof in digital or paper format:

i) Proof of double vaccination status.
This needs to be seven days after Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca; four weeks after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccination; or seven days after having one vaccine if you’ve already had Covid-19. See point 4 below for information on how to obtain proof.

ii) Proof of a negative PCR test
This needs to have been taken in the last 48 hours (for attending public events) or in the last 72 hours (for travel). There is strictly no flexibility regarding these timeframes.

iii) Proof of a positive RT-PCR or antigen test showing recovery from COVID-19
This has to have been taken not less than 11 days ago and no more than six months ago.

4. How can I obtain proof of vaccination?

In England:

Obtain and register with the NHS app and you can present the QR code found within it at French venues. This is different from the NHS COVID-19 app. Click here for details.

If you cannot utilise the app, you can register on the NHS website to access your NHS COVID Pass, then download and print a PDF.

If you cannot access the website, you can call 119 in the UK and request a letter confirming your vaccination status – it must be at least five days after your second vaccination dose and letters may take up to seven days to arrive.

In Wales:
Obtain and register with the NHS app and you can present the QR code found within it at French venues. Visit for details on how to obtain a digital pass.

If you are unable to use the digital NHS COVID Pass or would like a bilingual certificate, call 0300 303 5667.

In Scotland:
Visit for details on how to obtain a pass.
If you cannot use the internet, call 0808 196 8565 to request a letter. Important - See summary paragraph below regarding use of proof in France.


In Northern Ireland:
Visit on how to obtain a digital pass.

If you cannot apply online, you can request a paper version using the telephone service 0300 200 7814. Important - See summary paragraph below regarding use of proof in France.


So in summary… If you're traveling from the UK, the French government confirmed on 4th August that people vaccinated in England and Wales will be able to present their NHS QR code to enter venues. However, people who have been vaccinated elsewhere in the UK must exchange their vaccination certificates for a compatible French QR code. To do this they'll need to email copies of their vaccination certificate, passport, return airline tickets or other travel documents and this form to They'll then receive a QR code once the application is processed that can be used to enter venues in France.


5. Where do I need to show my pass?

The list of venues requiring presentation was extended on 9 August making the current full list as follows:

Festivals and concerts (seated or standing)
Indoor sports venues and swimming pools
Conference facilities
Bars and nightclubs
Big public events (cultural or sports-related, for example)
Cafés and restaurants
Cruise ships and ferries
Fairs and exhibitions
Libraries (apart from university ones)
Long-distance transport (trains, buses, aeroplanes)
Medical establishments
Retirement homes
Shopping centres
Some religious venues if they host cultural/non-religious activities
Zoos and theme parks

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