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Description of
the boating holiday


For a wonderful cruising experience, you can’t go wrong with a boating holiday in Amieira on Portugal’s great lake - Lago Alqueva, in the Alentejo region.

Sunny climate
With sunshine for more than 300 days a year, the waters of the Lago Alqueva provide unique conditions for an incredible boating holiday in both summer and winter.

A wonderful waterworld
The exceptional quality and geography of the waters at Lago Alqueva make for amazing holidays with so many activities to enjoy. From swimming and diving to fishing and photography, it’s a delight for lovers of nature and the great outdoors.  There no locks to navigate and you can moor wherever and whenever you want – cruising in total freedom! With family or friends, you can moor on a quiet island to play Swiss Family Robinson for a night!

Departure base

Your boat trip on the Lago Alqueva begins in Amieira, a typical village in the Alentejo region. It is 41 km from Beja and 46 km from Évora. Access is easy from Lisbon: take the A6 motorway to Evora, then the IP2 via Portel (stop off to enjoy the supermarkets) before arriving at the village of Amieira 18 km away.

Built in 2006, Amieira Marina is modern and offers boaters all the services they need - on-site shop, restaurant, groceries delivered on board via a prior order.  Instruction on sailing your boat starts with a video presentation for the theory before practical instruction teaches you the controls. Our base team will advise you on equipment that is specific to Portugal cruising including a depth sounder and GPS. It’s simple and worry-free - sailing on the Lago Alqueva is easy with no locks and very little traffic. Just follow the marker buoys on the lake to go from village to village. Ready, set, sail!


Places to see and things to do

Amieira Marina: Water activities - water skiing, sailing, canoeing

Alqueva: Alqueva Dam

Estrela: Parochial church

Castelo de Mourão: 13th Century castle and fortification, Parochial church, Chapels

Monsaraz: The four entry ports of Monsaraz, historic churches, The old town hall, Castelo de Monsaraz, the Plaza de Toros, Handicraft shops

Juromenha: Fortaleza de Juromenha - a polygonal fortress with 13th and 17th Century features

Now you’ve discovered the very best of the great Lago Alqueva it’s time to head back to Amieira Marina, full of smiles and great memories!

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An incredible cruise, so different from our experiences on French waterways. The great outdoors stretches as far as the eye can see, the sun shines on you as you swim in the clear water and moor on small islands ... it’s unlike anywhere else!

Marie, Montpellier.