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A cultural cruise along the River Shannon

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Dromod, Athlone
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Description of
the boating holiday

Boat rental holidays on the River Shannon between Carrick and Athlone

Embark on an adventure and sail south from Carrick to the great city of Athlone for a boating holiday that introduces you to authentic Irish life.

Departure base

Famous for its pier, Carrick-on-Shannon is a small but typical Irish town in County Leitrim, 150km northwest of Dublin. The Nicols base where your boating holiday on the River Shannon begins is close to a park and many restaurants.

Before boarding your Nicols canal boat, first stroll through the historic market town of Carrick to see the market square (which takes place every Thursday) and the clock tower. It is also in Carrick that the Costello Chapel is located, the smallest chapel in Europe measuring just 17 square metres! If your boating holiday takes place at the beginning of June you may be lucky enough to attend the Carrick Carnival: a nocturnal parade of floats, concerts and street artists, attractions and entertainment, fireworks, vintage cars... This annual event has something for the whole family!

Places to see and things to do

Dromod: industrial heritage of Ireland

Dromod Port, now entirely dedicated to boating and waterways activities (available at the Shannon River Adventure Centre), was once a busy commercial port through which convoys of Guinness and other goods passed. Dromod's activity was focused around its railway line which connected it to Leitrim and the coal mines of Arigna. You can experience a steam train journey at the Railway Museum, where collectables from both World Wars are also on display. Also, relax by the Weeping Tree fountain, carved from a single piece of oak, and found in the city centre.

Lanesborough: a small village at the gates of Lough Ree

Heading back towards Carrick-on-Shannon, moor your Nicols canal boat at Lanesborough Marina. After this village, you leave Lough Ree and resume navigation on the River Shannon. Take advantage of the stopover to stretch your legs in the small village and take a trip to the local distillery (Lough Ree Distillery) to taste its whiskey and restock your boat in the grocery store.

Lough Ree: hikes and islands for adventure

At a vast 105km², Lough Ree is especially popular with fishermen, but also offers a large number of other activities to be enjoyed such as Liliput Way hiking trail, holy well of Saint Faithleach, Rathcline castle and cemetery with its Celtic crosses. However, the island of Inchcleraun wins the title of the most popular tourist attraction of the lake with its 6th century monastery classified as a "national monument" by the Republic of Ireland. The island appears in a Celtic legend according to which Medb, warrior queen of the province of Connacht, was murdered there by a man armed with a slingshot... and a piece of cheese!

Athlone: a dynamic city on the banks of the Shannon

Life is in full swing in Athlone, the largest town on the banks of the River Shannon. In Athlone, shopping lovers will be happy! There is also something here for the whole family… don't miss a visit to the castle, which will take you back 800 years via several exhibitions and fun experiences. Then go admire the stained glass windows of the church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Finally, your boating holiday in Ireland wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Sean's Bar - holder of the title of being the oldest pub in Ireland!

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L’Irlande dans toute sa splendeur : des paysages très verts de plaines ou de collines, des châteaux et des vestiges des peuples celtes. Que demander de plus ?

Gerald, Rennes (35)