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This weekend canal boating holiday itinerary sees you cruising in the romantic and relaxing setting of Lake Tisza, enjoying small waterside towns and villages and surrounding wild meadows. Canal boat crews will love swimming, fishing, nature walks and fine wining and dining in typical Hungarian restaurants.

Departure base

Located in the heart of the Hungarian Great Plains region, our Kisköre boating holidays base is located on the shores of Lake Tisza – Hungary’s largest artificial freshwater lake. Set sail on board your spacious and stylish canal boat for an adventure discovering the preserved landscapes that surround the River Tisza.

Places to see and things to do

Kisköre: a great place to enjoy before you’ve even begun your boating holiday!
With its sandy beach, waterslides that drop straight in to the Tisza and fish-rich waters, Kisköre is a paradise for those who love life in, on and around the waterways. Spend some time here before setting off on the rest of your boating holiday.

Abádszalók: a seaside resort on Lake Tisza
This bustling town on the south shore of Lake Tisza, facing a vast bay, is a popular boating holiday spot for families. Arrive on your self-drive canal boat (no previous boating holiday experience needed!) and enjoy its beautiful sandy beach and giant water slide as well as leisure activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding and being towed around at high speed on inflatables!

Poroszló: nature explained on Lake Tisza
You’ll find everything you want to know about Lake Tisza with a visit to the Ecotourism Centre of Lake Tisza Poroszló. It houses the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe and also includes a games area and a 3D cinema.

Tiszafüred: a spa resort on the shores of Lake Tisza
The largest city bordering Lake Tisza, Tiszafüred is a paradise for lovers of water sports. Enjoy swimming at the beach, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing and much more. Don’t miss a soothing swim in the thermal waters at a temperature of 39 degrees.

Hortobágy: in the heart of the Hungarian ‘Puszta’
Going up the Tisza River, moor your canal boat on the shore to explore the Hortobágy National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The "Puszta", the largest steppe in Central Europe, offers a unique experience to see the work of shepherds, herders and horse keepers in the impressive location between ponds, green pastures and bird reserves. Located in the centre of this region the city of Hortobágy is a ‘must see’ on your boating holiday itinerary – especially the iconic nine-arched bridge that crosses the river of the same name.

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Seeing the region from a new perspective!
Exploring Lake Tisza by self-drive canal boat was a novel way to explore the area. The kids really enjoyed being part of the crew and being able to swim from the back of the canal boat, while for us it was all about the slow pace of life and enjoying the many lovely stop-off points. A particular highlight was the eco-centre of Poroszló with its large aquarium which we all loved!

Sylvie, Weyersheim (67)