Canal boat holidays in Aquitaine

Discover an excellent choice of canal boat holidays in the Aquitaine region of France. Exploring what is known as the country of the Musketeers, your cruising route will combine the peace and serenity of the Canal de Garonne with the more wild charms of the Baise River. Our base, at the meeting point of both waterways, is in the perfect location to provide a wide choice of cruising itinerary.

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Canal boat holidays in Aquitaine

Aquitaine is a region where life is good so it’s a great place to enjoy a boating holiday! The area enjoys good weather and sunny skies that light up its rich historical past and medieval bastides, mills and chateaux.

The Aquitaine is also a land of fine wining and dining. Local produce is of a very high standard while restaurants and eateries will awaken your culinary senses with foods such as truffled foie gras, goose confit and Agen prunes. Make sure you also try Armagnac (a distinctive Brandy from this region) and Buzet wines.

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Rent a canal boat on the river Baïse, the canal de Garonne and the river Lot

If you’re new to boating holidays, then our recommendation would be to take your canal boat on the quieter Canal de Garonne. The calm waters are surrounded by an excellent towpath for cycling or mooring up at whenever or wherever.

The more adventurous of you might like the idea of a cruising itinerary along the smaller River Baïse. Travel under the cover of river bank trees between historic villages with their mills and bastides*.

The Aquitaine offers numerous boating holiday itineraries so is a destination a lot of our Nicols customers come back to again and again. Make sure you enjoy a self-drive boating holiday from our base located at Buzet sur Baïse.

*Please note: navigation on the river Baïse may be subject to change. For more information, contact us.