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Canal boat holidays in the Netherlands

Holland, the country of canals, windmills and tulips, is one of the finest destinations to enjoy a boating holiday. It is therefore natural that Nicols has added the destination to its programme of canal boat hire with a new base at KERKDRIEL in the heart of the Netherlands. What’s more, no previous boating experience or licence is needed!

The Dutch waterways network is about 5046km long, which places the country third in Europe after France (8500km) and Germany (7300km). Bear in mind the size of the country though and you start to realise just how vast this canal network is and why Holland is nicknamed the "Country of Canals".

Thanks to its flat landscape, the Dutch navigable network has very few locks making it an easy route for beginners. In addition, boaters will have the pleasure of discovering drawbridges – not seen in other countries and somewhat unique to Holland!

(from 0 to 16 years old)

Boat rental in the heart of the Netherlands

Who has not heard of the famous Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Gouda cheese, bike paths or the famous Van Gogh museum? All these treasures will be easily accessible from your canal boat! Location is key when it comes to offering the best boating holidays, which is why NICOLS has established a base in the heart of the Netherlands - offering a multitude of varied itineraries with loop, a return to base or even a one-way route. To begin planning your boating holiday in Holland, take a look at our suggested cruise itineraries and what you can see and do while on route

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