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Boating holidays in Germany

Criss-crossed by numerous waterways, Germany offers boating holiday regulars something different and the chance to discover wonderful natural areas.
Hire a self-drive canal barge and cruise on clear waters passing through beautiful forests and breathtaking landscapes typical of the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg regions. Our three Nicols canal barge bases offer unforgettable boating holidays in the heart of the twisting and turning "region of a thousand lakes".
Do you love swimming? Do you dream of tying up on the edge of a wild lake and doing a spot of fishing? Take time out for a boating holiday with your family or friends on a trip lasting a few days, a week or more and let yourself get carried away by this gentle, natural world.

(from 0 to 16 years old)

Hire a canal boat from Nicols two boating bases

Nicols encourages you to explore East Germany's culture and history that can be found along its waterways. The Elde and Havel snake through the National Park in Müritz up to Schwerin, a magnificent town dominated by its famous castle. Your trip will take you to the land of Neuruppin, made famous by its native poet and writer Theodor Fontane... with the capital Berlin waiting for you just a short cruise further. Our different route suggestions and holiday itineraries will help you plan the perfect boating holiday on board our Nicols boats.

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