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Canal boating holidays in Brittany

Brittany is well-known for the fun of the seaside... but did you know that Brittany is also a top spot for self drive canal boat hire? Its waterways network is unbeatable: with numerous options available from the crossroads between the River Erdre, the River Vilaine and the Canal de Nantes à Brest - discover the regions charms with a boating holiday through the heart of inland Brittany!

Medieval castles and villages, timber houses and old manors, abbeys and tiny chapels will delight fans of history and heritage whilst cider and Breton butter biscuits will please the gourmets!
What are you waiting for? Spend a weekend, a few days or a week exploring Brittany by water with a boating holiday full of magic, mystery and history...

Hire a canal barge on the canal from Nantes to Brest, the River Erdre and the River Vilaine

A little history...

The idea of opening up inland waterways in Brittany goes back to the 16th century. We had to wait until the early 19th century and the British blockage on Brest to convince Napoleon I that it was strategically worth freeing up Brest by an inland route.

Work began in 1811, and Napoleon III inaugurated the Canal in 1858 thereby opening up an inland waterway between the town of Nantes and the harbour of Brest.

Today, towpaths that in the past were for horses have made way for fishermen, walkers and sportsmen... as well as boating holidaymakers of course! The crossroads between the different waterways (canal from Nantes to Brest, Erdre and Vilaine) provide many different routes and a whole host of opportunities to enjoy a boating holiday in Brittany.

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