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Brandenburg: the eight-lake cruise

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Lindow - Fehrbellin - Oranienburg
182 KM
from 959 EUROS**
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Description of
the boating holiday


Departure base

Embark on your river cruise at Neuruppin in the Ruppin region of Brandenbourg and discover nature in its pure state!

Places to see and things to do

Neuruppin: Convent church St. Trinitatis, Parish church, Up-hus, Neuruppin museum, Gallerie-am-Bollwerk art centre, Schinkel & Fontane monument

Lindow: City’s church, Ruins of the convent, "Schau mal rein“ museum, Mill (of the convent)

Wustrau: Prussian museum, Old mill

Alt Friesack:
Lock with drawbridge

Fehrbellin: Fehrbellin Museum

Kremmen: Barn’s museum

Oranienburg (Mooring is possible behind the Schlossmuseum Oranienburg castle's park): Saxe’s house, Memorial Oranienburg, Schlossmuseum Oranienburg

Now you’ve discovered the very best of the Ruppiner region, it’s time to head back to the base at Neurippin, full of smiles and great memories!


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Cruising through clear waters and natural landscapes
What a surprise it was to discover the clean and clearwaters of the Brandenburg lakes and the great variety of fauna and flora of this exceptional nature reserve on this cruise. The many stopovers in charming villages also allowed us to taste the local food and drink! A delight!

Simon, Ligny-en-Barrois

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