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A 10-day cruise itinerary exploring the river Canal du Midi

10 days
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Port Lauragais
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Port Lauragais
152 KM
from 1450 EUROS**
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** All prices are calculated on the basis of a two day weekend in low season.
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Description of
the boating holiday


A 10-day boating holiday itinerary has many advantages. To begin with, your start day or return to base day will instead fall outside of the peak weekend days. This means that not only may you notice less traffic on the roads when travelling to the Nicols base but that our teams will have much more time to dedicate to going through everything about your boat and navigation on the waterways. Also by stretching to 10-days canal boat hire, you can choose one of our standard "one week" routes and take your time to increase either the number of stop-off points or the time you spend at each, or you might decide to explore further afield with a longer route such as the one suggested below.

Departure base

Located midway between Toulouse and Carcassonne, Port Lauragais is an excellent starting point for renting a canal boat on the Canal du Midi. From here you’re in the perfect location for exploring the riches of the ‘Canal Royal du Languedoc’ - the original name of the Canal du Midi during the reign of King Louis XIV.

Places to see and things to do

Port Lauragais: Avignonet Lauragais (2km away), old tower (1606), church and restored water mill, wines of Fronton, Maison de la Haute-Garonne for stocking up on regional specialities

Seuil de Naurouze: Highest point of Canal du Midi (190m), waters of the Black Mountains,  watershed where water one side flows to the Atlantic and the other side flows to the Mediterranean, hikes in the hills of Lauragais

Segala: known as the country of 100 valleys, NOT pottery dating from 1820 (open Mon– Fri and by appointment on weekends)
Castelnaudary: Grand Bassin (largest body of open water along the Canal du Midi at 7 hectares), Saint-Michel Church College (13th century), Cugarel Mill, city of the famous Cassoulet dish

Villepinte: 12th century church, 16th century village, beautiful aqueduct

Bram: circular village built around the castle and 13th century church

Villesèquelande: Ormeau de Sully (famous 16th century tree with a 6m circumference) Sainte-Marie church

Carcassonne: Medieval city with ramparts 3km in length and 52 towers. UNESCO World Heritage Site, many events – markets, festivals etc.

Trèbes: Saint-Etienne church (14th century), swimming pool, La Rode canal bridge, Orbiel canal bridge, impressive staircase of three locks, waterside restaurants

Marseillette: rice growing Marseillette pond, Chappe tower

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