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Enjoy peaceful nature : Cruising one-way on the Petite Saône

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    Port sur Saône
  • 02-ambiance-saone-01
    Ray sur Saône
  • 03-ray-sur-saone-02
    Château de Ray sur Saône overlooking the valley
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    Regional flavours, Jura wine
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    Mooring and exploring
  • 09-dole-acro-isis
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    Moor up and enjoy lunch on the riverbank
  • 11-dole-base-04
    The Nicols base at Dole
  • 12-dole-les-tanneurs
    Tanneurs canal street, Dole
  • 13-dole-base-01
    The port at Dole

Description of
the boating holiday

One way to Dole

Set off on your one-way cruise from Port-sur-Saône, and enjoy the winding and quiet course of the Petite Saône as you make your way slowly to the Nicols base of Dole. Over these 150 kilometers of calm waters you will discover its delightful countryside, and nature and explore characterful small towns and villages.

Departure base

A charming village located on the banks of the Saône, Port-sur-Saône is an ideal starting point to discover the wooded landscapes and small villages of the Vosges, cruising you’re your canal boat on the Petite Saône or the Canal des Vosges.

Places to see and things to do

Port-sur-Saône: The church of St Etienne and the Pont de Pierre bridge - both dating back to the 18th century

Scey-sur-Saône: Cruise on the canal through the tunnel of Saint Albin (680m)

Ray-sur-Saône: Château de Ray-sur-Saône

Savoyeux: Cruise on the canal through the Savoyeux tunnel (640m)

Gray: The Basilica Notre Dame, the old town, Musée Baron Martin (museum of art and archeology)

Arc-les-Gray: Parc Lamugnière with greenhouses and orangery planted with fruit trees and remarkable species, wine cellar

Gray-la-ville: Church (classified historic monument)

Velet: Swimming in the Saône at the unsupervised small beach area

Mantoche: Château de Mantoche

Essertenne et Cecey: 18th century Echalonges forge, chateau, Church of St Julien

Heuilley-sur-Saône: Maison de l'eau, de la pêche et de la nature – learn more about the flora and fauna of the Saône river.

Pantallier-sur-Saône: Château de talmay, 18th century Saint-Maurice church, the statue of Our Lady of Mount Ardoux with panoramic views of the plain of the Saone and the mountains of Jura

Auxonne: 13th century church - Eglise Notre-Dame, Fortifications, Château Louis XI with Bonaparte’s museum

Dole: The ‘little Venice’ of the Franche-Comté region, collegiate Notre-Dame (16th century basilica), birthplace of Louis Pasteur, La Fontaine aux Lepreux

After exploring Dole, it’s time to return your boat to the Nicols team at the base before heading home with your new holiday memories.

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Perfect for beginners!
Having no experience of cruising in a canal boat, we were afraid of not being up to it. But thanks to the valuable advice of the Nicols team, we were able to take control of our boat very quickly. This boating holiday on the Petite Saône is perfect for beginners with its peaceful flow and the many possibilities to stop and enjoy fishing, bathing or visiting small villages.

Lucie and Simeon, Dammarie-les-Lys

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