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Châteaux and gardens of the Sarthe

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Spay - Châteauneuf
184 KM
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  • 01a-sable-sur-sarthe-base-depart
    The Nicols base at Sablé sur Sarthe
  • 01b-sable-solesmes-golf
    Sablé-Solesmes Golf Course
  • 02-solesmes-abbaye-gregorienne-02
    Benedictine Abbey of Solesmes (11th century)
  • 03-anjou-ambiance-06
  • 03-solesmes-cri-cri-plages
    A 'beach' area on the river bank at Solesmes
  • 03-solesmes-halte-nautique
    Mooring in Solesmes
  • 04-avoise-parce-perrine-de-cry
    Cruising past the 'Perrine de Cry' mansion to Avoise
  • 05-malicorne-chateau
  • 05-malicorne-cite-faience-02
  • 06-sarthe-tourisme-fluvial-en-velo-sarthe
    A stop off along the Sarthe river
  • 07-sarthe-croisiere-fluviale
  • 08-sarthe-croisiere-fluviale

Description of
the boating holiday

Discover hidden treasures

During this week of sailing on the Sarthe, admire picturesque villages, châteaux and gardens on the banks of the river and discover, during your boat stops, all the hidden treasures of the region.Passing through the ‘Natura 2000’ conservation area of the lower Angevin valleys make sure you have your binoculars to look out for herons, egrets, ducks and much more wildlife.

Departure base

The rental of your Nicols boat from the base of Sablé-sur-Sarthe in Anjou is the ideal place to discover this beautiful calm and nonchalant river that is the Sarthe. Its low number of locks will seduce the novice for a first cruise in all serenity.

Places to see and things to do

Sablé-sur-Sarthe: Castle park, guided tour of the ancient town centre, The museum of the flying man, art gallery of the Chateau de Villeneuve, ‘Espace Henri Royer’ with Picnic area, Playground, Mini golf, Pool and jetty.

Solesmes: Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes + Gregorian songs, Chapelle Notre Dame du Nid

Juigné sur Sarthe: Wrought-iron craft

Avoise: Guided tour of the village, Château Dobert (15th & 18th century, Le manoir de la Perrine de Cry (manor house), medieval village of Asnières sur Vègre  - small characterful estate and mosaic garden,4 km from Avoise)

Parcé-sur-Sarthe: Small charcterful estate, possible guided tour, Tower Saint-Pierre, Notre-Dame Saint-Joseph chapel, View of Château Pechesseul

Dureil: Visit the town

Malicorne: ‘Musee de la faienceum’ ceramic museum, ‘Malicorne Espace Faience’ earthenware fun and interactive museum, Chateau def Malicorne, guided tour of the village

Noyen: Outdoor amphitheatre, hiking trail at Maison de la Rando (5 km from Noyen)

Fercé-sur-sarthe: Hike on the ‘Boucle des 3 cantons’ (Loop of three townships) discover chapels and Chateau de Vauloge (15th & 17th century)

Chemiré-le-Gaudin/ Port de St Benoît: Riverside hiking route, Eglise d'Athenay (church)

La Suze-sur-sarthe : Château à La Suze-sur-Sarthe (the ancient fortress of the twelfth century), health trail in spruce woods, gardens of Château de Villaines at Louplandes

Roézé-sur-sarthe: Fishing course,

Fillé-sur-Sarthe: Contemporary arts centre, 6km hike - loop of the canal, fishing course, Moulin Cyprien windmill

Spay: Domaine du Houssay: 40hectare park with mini golf, orienteering course, bike rental, canoes and swimming (summer), ‘Spaycific zoo’ (4 km), church.

Pincé-sur-Sarthe: Medieval garden, golf course, hiking trails

Morannes: Aquaculture farm of Anjou, St Aubin’s church, Boule du Fort (a local game)

Brissarthe: Church, hiking trails

Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe: House of the river, Boule de fort (a local game), equestrian centre

After exploring Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe, it’ time to make the return leg of your journey, heading back to Nicols base at Sablé-sur-Sarthe, perhaps stopping to revisit at some of your favourite discoveries on the way.

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We will repeat the experience again!
The Nicols team at Sablé-sur-Sarthe is very professional, attentive and friendly. That's why we rented a canal boat for a second year in Sablé! If possible, we will repeat the experience again because we had such a relaxing stay and loved the artwork in Malicorne.

Sue, Richmond Hill (United States)

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