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A short break in Alsace and Lorraine: Cruising through Nature and history

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  • 01-base-harskirchen-vue-aerienne
    View of Harskirchen, the harbor and the camping site designated Natura 2000
  • 02-mittersheim-baignade-etang
  • 03-mittersheim-activite-nautique
    Nautic activities on the pool in Mittersheim
  • 04-rhodes-parc-animalier-sainte-croix
    The animal park of the Domaine Ste Croix
  • 05-rhodes-loups-blancs-alsace
    The animal park of the Domaine Ste Croix
  • 06-sarrebourg-vitrail-chagall
    Famous Chagall stained glass in Sarrebourg
  • 07-alsace-croisiere-fluviale
  • 08-luge-alpine-alsace
  • 09-arzviller-ascenseur-bateaux
    Inclined plan of Arzviller
  • 10-arzviller-ascenseur-bateaux
    Inclined plan of Arzviller
  • 11-lutzelbourg-vallee
    Lützelbourg Valley
  • 12-lutzelbourg-croisiere-fluviale
  • 13-saverne-depart-chateau-de-haut-barr
    Haut Barr Castle in Saverne
  • 14-saverne-depart-base
    Nautic base of Saverne
  • 15-saverne-chateau-des-rohan
    Rohan Castle in Saverne
  • 17-saverne-depart-chateau-des-rohan
    Rohan Castle in Saverne

Description of
the boating holiday

Uncover the secrets of Alsace and Lorraine

In a few days of sailing, this cruise between Alsace and Lorraine explores all the facets of these two regions - historical and cultural heritage, nature, outdoor activities and gastronomy, not to mention a passage through the impressive Arzviller boat lift.

Departure base

Located on a loop of waterways which link Luxembourg, Germany and France, the port of Harskirchen offers many opportunities for boating holidays with walks in the heart of nature, swimming and gastronomic discoveries.

Places to see and things to do

Harskirchen: Leisure centre, tennis courts, Water mill of Willer (18th century

Mittersheim:  Lake, water activities, beach, bathing

Niderviller: Tunnels (475m & 2306m), Pottery museum and factory shop, Marc Chagall stained glass at the Chapelle des Cordeliers, Sarrebourg (6km from Niderviller):

Arzviller: Boat lift, engine room, Houseboat museum, "Fusion Libre" crystal factory, alpine luge coaster ride

Lutzelbourg: Wurm crystal factory, castle, panoramic views of the valley, children’s playground

Saverne: Rohan castle (museum), Haut-Barr castle, Saverne‘ s old town, Centre Nautique l’Océanide – waterpark

Now you’ve reached Saverne, it’s time to hand your boat over to the team at the Nicols base before heading home full of memories and smiles!

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The boat lift at Arzviller….a magical moment!
We are great lovers of river cruises and this boat rental between Alsace and Lorraine has been fantastic. The crossing of tunnels and locks and the impressive boat lift Arzviller ... We were just as amazed as the children!

Jean and Maryse, 45, two children, Béziers